Shade Sail Installation Kit

Steel Turnbuckles and Pad Eyes for use with SHADE HAPPENS Shade Sails. The Triangular Kit comes with 3 of each, while the Rectangular Kit comes with 4 of each. Or feel free to order individually!

Shade Sails should be installed with tension. Affix the Pad Eye to a structure, then use the Turnbuckle to link the steel loop in the corner of the Shade Sail to the Pad Eye. You’ll have it made in the shade!

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Install your SHADE HAPPENS Shade Sails with these steel Turnbuckles and Pad Eyes. Order the full triangular or rectangular kits for one of each tool for each corner, or order them individually. Buy yours today and it will ship out tomorrow!

Use the Turnbuckle to tension the Shade Sail to its appropriate position. When selecting the position for the Shade Sail, ensure each corner is tightly secured. Temporarily remove the Shade Sail in intense weather.

The Turnbuckle extends from 8″ to 11″.

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Rectangular Kit (4 Turnbuckles and Pad Eyes), Triangular Kit (3 Turnbuckles and Pad Eyes}, Individual Turnbuckle, Individual Pad Eye