Home Grow Kits – All You Need to Grow Your Own Way!

Our all-in-one kit provides growers with the ideal tools to meet their home growing needs. Just add seeds!

Choose between our 3′ x 3′ and our 4′ x 4′ tent and get growing! See all the details below.

Shipping – Just $12.99 for your entire order. Fast, dependable, discreet shipping via UPS.

Need seeds? Reach out to our friends at elev8seeds.com and use code “shade20” for 20% off!

Please note the Hygrometer is not included in our kit despite its presence in one of our photos.



Just add seeds! Our Home Grow Kit includes everything you need to start growing at home.


  • Lighthouse 2.0 Grow Tent
    • Choose your size – we have 3′ x 3′ (for growing 3 plants) and 4′ x 4′ tents (4 plants)
    • Lightweight fabric is sealed and lined with premium reflective material
  • Grow Light – Agrobrite T5 96W 2′ 4-Tube Fixture with Lamps
    • Our grow light is a specialized lighting system designed to provide the necessary light spectrum for optimal plant growth. The light is adjustable and can be customized to cater to the different stages of plant growth.
    • Includes hooks for installation
  • Light Timer – Autopilot Dual Outlet 7-Day Grounded Digital Programmable Timer
    • Automate your lighting to encourage productive growth with consistent hours of light
  • Carbon Filter – Phat Filter, 4″ x 12″, 200 CFM
    • Removes impurities from the air, trapping contaminants on its surface to remove odors, chemical, and organic compounds, resulting in cleaner and purer air
  • 6″ Active Air Circulating Fan
    • Quiet fan lets you control the environment inside the tent
  • Active Air Duct Fan
    • Regulates temperature and humidity levels, removes stagnant air, and provides fresh air exchange – vital for the healthy growth of plants
  • Steel Ducting
    • Connect all the pieces!
  • Roots Organics Greenfields Potting Soil
    • Sea-nutrient-based growing mix designed for both the vegetative-and flowering phases of mature plants
    • 1.5 cu ft
  • Nutrients – Gaia Green All Purpose
    • The preferred choice of organic farmers seeking a simple solution for all their fertilizer needs.
    • 500 g
  • iHort Q-Plugs Cubes
    • Engineered to be transplanted into soil, rockwool, coco, or other standard growing substrates
    • Ideal for commercial growers, and also offer ease of use for home gardeners
    • Bag of 50
  • GROW!T Clay Pebbles
    • Made from 100% natural clay
    • Clean and pH stable, offering great aeration and drainage in hydroponics
    • 10L
  • Fabric Pots (3 provided with the 3’x3′ tent, 5 with the 4’x4′) with Plastic Trays
    • Hydrofarm Dirt Pots offer value and versatility for outdoor use or as part of hydroponic growing systems
    • Feature porous breathable fabric that is made from 100% recycled water bottles
    • Allow your plants to thrive by promoting exceptional root health and vigorous plant growth


Need seeds? Reach out to our friends at elev8seeds.com and use code “shade20” for 20% off!

Please note the Hygrometer is not included in the kit at this time.



  • Follow tent assembly instructions found in box – takes 5 minutes!
  • Use our provided rope hooks to hang the light. Attach the clips to the cross bar closest to the front of the tent and then to the light itself. The hooks will allow you to adjust the height of the light for the different growing stages
  • Hanging the Carbon Filter and Connecting the Duct Fan
    • Use our adjustable hooks to hang the inline fan with the tapered end pointed towards the tent exhaust hole you want to use. Center the fan on the strap so it is balanced
    • Hang the carbon filter assembly with the flange pointed towards the inline fan. Center the filter on the strap so it is balanced
    • Measure the distance from the beginning of the filter flange to the beginning of the inline fan flange. Cut that length of ducting using a box cutter and wire cutters (not provided)
    • Using the length of ducting you cut, secure one end to the fan flange using a ducting clamp. Secure the other end of the ducting to the carbon filter flange. It will be a tight fit, so no clamp is needed
    • Run the remaining length of ducting out of the exhaust hole of your choice, and secure the other end to the tapered end of the inline fan, using a duct clamp
    • Run the fan power cord out of the nearest tent cord hole in the rear of the grow tent
  • Plant those seeds!
    • Place seeds into the grow plugs and follow directions on the bag. Once you see visible root growth, you’re ready to transplant into the soil
    • Mix GROW!T horticultural clay pebbles into the Roots Organics potting soil at a rate 4 parts clay to 7 parts soil to loosen up the structure, leading to better root development and aeration
    • Transplant those seeds and grow!!!



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This is the most straightforward grow kit on the market. We have cultivated the best tools available for each component of our grow kit. First-time growers and well-seasoned farmers alike can hit the ground running. Grow your own way!

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3' x 3' Tent Kit, 4' x 4' Tent Kit