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Maximum width is 50 feet so you may need more than one cover per green.




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We tested GreenGuard on a Chicago course over the Winter   SEE THE RESULTS

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GreenGuard is the culmination of 11 years of testing to develop the best golf green cover. It is both water and air permeable and is UV stabilized to last 10 years.

GreenGuard is constructed with a durable 3.2 ounce woven polypropylene, which resists tearing and puncturing. To make the edges stronger, we sew a 2 3/4″ batten tape around the perimeter. It is then double stitched by the hardest working sewing team in the nation – right in the heartland of the U.S.A.

To make installation easier, we punch brass grommets every 2′ around the perimeter. Simply insert anchoring pins through the grommets to secure your cover on the green.

GreenGuard acts as a comforter to keep your greens warmer later into the fall and warm up earlier in the spring. This minimizes the period of time the root systems are dormant and gives them an extended period of time to grow. Our 17 mil GreenGuard is the most durable green cover on the market and helps your greens in a variety of ways:
-Protects greens from the elements of winter
-Delays root system dormancy
-Promotes earlier spring green-up
-Reduces animal and human foot traffic
-Reduces seed loss and evaporation of fertilizers and herbicides
-Reduces the risk of winter kill
-Protects against turf desiccation
-Easy installation even during windy conditions when other covers get blown away
-Will not retain water making removal easier
-Made in the USA

-Performance – It keeps greens warmer. The 17 mil GreenGuard does a better job of keeping greens warmer and minimizing root system dormancy.
-Durability – GreenGuard will last 8-12 years depending on the climate. Don’t pay more for covers that only last a few years.
-Price – OK, we saved the best for last — Wait for it —– A custom GreenGuard cover costs only 20 cents per square foot. We realize this flies in the face of conventional wisdom that the best product would cost less but GreenGuard is just that special.

Check out these specifications and compare to the competition:
-Construction – 22×11
-Tensile Strength (lbs) – 175×110
-Burst (psi) – 310
-Trapezoid Tear – 80×60
-Puncture (lbs) – 50
-Water Permeability (gal/min/sf) – 15
-Thickness – 17 mils

All GreenGuard covers are marked with the number of the green. We even provide identification tags that attach to a corner grommet to mark where the cover was placed. We can cover any green up to 8,000 square feet with a single cover. Approximate weight of an 8,000 square foot cover is 180 pounds.

Call us at 1-866-727-6658 or email us at In your email, please list your green dimensions – include putting and chipping greens. Shipping is actual cost. Normal lead time is 3-4 weeks.

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