DeWitt Professional Max Weed Barrier

Perfect for Permanent Landscapes! DeWitt Professional Max (previously DeWitt 20 Year Weed Barrier) is the best in the industry for cost conscious professional and commercial installations.

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Perfect for Permanent Landscapes!

DeWitt Professional Max Weed Barrier, previously known DeWitt Weed Barrier 20 Year, is the best in the industry for cost conscious professional and commercial installations. It is also ideal for the homeowner who demands professional quality products. This high grade 4.1 ounce woven polypropylene, needle-punched fabric will stop unsightly weeds without those nasty chemicals. The Professional Max also contains reinforced fibers for extra durability and longevity.

  • Stops Weeds Without Chemicals – Chemicals contaminate the soil’s water, earthworms and micro-organisms that are essential for healthy growth. Weed Barrier is designed to use on all of your plantings without the use of chemicals, allowing your plants to grow organically. Weeds must have sunlight to grow – DeWitt’s fabrics block the sun’s rays giving you a weed-free landscape.
  • Allows Air, Water and Nutrients to Penetrate – DeWitt’s landscape fabrics are permeable, allowing the proper balance of air, water and nutrients to reach the soil and the plants roots. Weed Barrier retains moisture, reducing the amount of water needed to have plants nourish and grow.
  • Enhances Plant Growth – Weeds compete against your desired plants. Weed Barrier eliminates the weeds, allowing all air, water and nutrients to be taken in by your plants. Your plants will personally thank you with a strong, healthy. long-lasting life.
  • Prevents Mulch Decay – Weed Barrier acts as a full-time security force between the soil and your decorative cover. Mulch, bark and decorative stone will last years longer without interfering with the soil’s growing ability. You save money and time while you laugh at your neighbors’ annual ritual.

We have thought of everything – Weed Barrier is permeable, UV treated and striped every 12 inches to assist you in plant alignment.



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