30% ChromatiNet Red Shade Cloth


  • Excellent shading solution for growers who wish to accelerate growth
  • Obtain early flowering without decreasing flower quality
  • Increase foliage volume plants such as house plants, decorative branches, non-flowering herbs, and a variety of field and nursery plants
  • Enhance the development of root systems in shoots and tissue culture plantlets
  • Flexible, light, strong and easy to spread


The sizes listed below are finished panels with black edging around the perimeter and brass grommets every 2 feet.

Shipping – Just $12.99.  The 8′ x 13’1″, 12′ x 13’1″, and 13’1″ x 18′ panels are in stock. All other panels are made to order. Please email info@shadeclothstore.com for a custom quote. Lead time is roughly 3 weeks.  Fast, dependable shipping via UPS.



Use ChromatiNet Red 30% Shade Cloth and see the results in your plants! This shade cloth changes the light spectrum transmitted to the plants, reducing the spectrum of blue, green and yellow light and increasing the red and far-red light spectrum. The rhythm of plants’ development under red light is increased, their leaf surface is larger, their stems are longer and thicker, and the total foliage volume is higher. Best deployed for propagation, germination and accelerated growth of most plants.

ChromatiNet, sometimes referred to as colored net, refracts sunlight. These fabrics act as filters that alter the characteristics of the photosynthetic light that passes through the knitted material. The stated percentages of ChromatiNet are for all daylight hours, not just geographic noon. These materials work because of the embedded pigments in the plastic ribbons that alter the spectrum and direction of the photons that reach the plants.

The professionals on our sewing production team can customize panels for you in any shade percentage. We use #4 brass grommets and 2 3/4″ black reinforcement tape. The taped edges are double stitched for extra holding power. Our knitted shade cloth is made from 100% UV stabilized polyethylene. Its unique construction will not unravel. Its light weight and durability make it a superior choice for all types of shade applications.

  • Quality – Our shade fabrics are manufactured to exact specifications featuring tough, ravel resistant construction. Our binding is a seat-belt like material and is stitched to the entire perimeter of your shade cloth at no additional cost. Brass grommets are placed every 2 feet.
  • Price – We beat most shade cloth distributors by 20%. There are no hidden charges for grommets, binding, fabrication or custom sizes. Call us toll free at 1-866-727-6658 for a custom quote.
  • Convenience – we ship direct to you faster than any competitor. Stock sizes ship out next day – custom orders take 1-2 weeks.

The 8′ x 13’1″, 12′ x 13’1″, and 13’1″ x 18′ panels are in stock. All other panels are made to order. Please email info@shadeclothstore.com for a custom quote. Lead time is roughly 3 weeks. 


How should we install shade cloth?

Our material does not have much stretch to it, especially along the edges of finished panels. Therefore, we recommend installing it using the grommets along all four sides and atop a structure to minimize stress. Do not install shade cloth panels using the corners only.

Excessive stress on the shade cloth can cause the grommets to pop out of the finished edges. Please do not install shade cloth with excessive tension.  Shade cloth is meant to rest on an existing structure.  If you are searching for a product with tension, check out our Shade Sails.

You should also avoid installation that can cause abrasions along the interior of the cloth (e.g. steel cables). Improper installation will void any warranty/guarantee on the shade cloth.

Additional information


13'1" x 20', 13'1" x 25', 19'8" x 25', 8' x 13'1", 12' x 13'1", 13'1" x 18'